Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Dazed and Confused

I am now convinced that blogging takes an aweful lot more time and energy than I may have originally thought. You see, I've been checking out other blogs recently to get a grip on this whole blogosphere thing. I'm amazed.

There is a blog on just about anything you might want to read. The interesting thing to me is that blogs tend to be reactionary or self-exalting. (I aim for self-exalting) Man has now created the ultimate forum for which to urinate all over themselves on a daily basis. I hate talking on the phone, for example. The reason I hate talking on the phone is that I could be doing other, more interesting things like sitting on the couch, or lying on the floor, or standing outside. Blogging, which started as a sort of online journal for voyeurs, is now just the spewing forth of opinion after opinion with no viable construct for meaningful dialogue or debate.

The whole thing blows my mind. Postmodernism and its destruction of language and meaning assigned to words, boggles me. I have no starting place to organize my thoughts on this phenomenon. I see it taking over the discussions and thoughts of people in the blogosphere and it makes me go crazy to think how one voice of reason might finally cut through the madness to create some sort of order. You see, blogging and reading blogs and thinking about blogs and how to respond to each blog and responding to the respondants on your own personal blog is probably the most realized tangible experience of what it is to be crazy. Crazy people can't stop the voices in there heads. I can't stop the voices in my head either when I'm in the blogosphere.

It's like being in a junior high cafeteria with a million people who are all having a simultaneous conversation with one another about a million different things. I, for one, can't wait for the intercom to come on and the Principle to tell us that lunch hour is over.

And don't think that I missed the hypocrisy and irony of all I just said.

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c'mon said...

hmmm...it was both interesting and boring, informative yet non-informative, disfunctional and seemed oh-so-orchestrated...strobe-a-lobe-a-lobe bouncin out