Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Brother Love's Travelin' Salvation Show

I'm in Nashville at the Southern Baptist Convention. Marie and I came in on Sunday and will leave Thursday morning. I think the only thing that brought me here is morbid curiosity. I am working on not being a negative person and not being critical of everything I see. I am trying to follow the example of some of my dearest friends who love the local church in a way that is inspiring to me. I am convinced that love for the church will overcome a multitudes of frustrations.

I was able to spend some time with my former pastor last night. We went to the final session with he and his wife, then to the Hard Rock Cafe for dinner. He is such a blessing. I hope that I was not too critical of things last night. I find that I this, above all, is something that marks my speech. I wish it were not so and will need to start memorizing scripture to help me put this unbecoming habit away.

Anyway, I have had a hard time really getting into things here and find that I am not at all taken with the convention or how we get things done. I have also found it too political for my taste. President Bush even spoke to the convention this morning. His representative to the convention spoke afterward and quoted Lincoln by saying that the United States of America was "the world's last, best hope". Surely we don't truly believe that.


Anonymous said...

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strobe said...

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