Thursday, August 04, 2005

See Ya at the Copa!

Yeah, I'm off to Brazil for 10 days. So for both of you that check this blog, I'll be saying less than usual. Pretty hard to comprehend isn't it?
You can reference my second post ever if you need further explanation.

I hope I packed my Evangecube.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like someone had too many Roman Coke's
Thanks To Me, ole Copper Possum keeping it real 70's in this funky blog.
Keepin it real insightful baby I dig it, Ill catch you in Burbank or Liverpool after Im done drinkin with Johnny in Prog.
This is Your captain Copper saying, "Bye".

me a beverage that is.

Kiss the family for me baby I'm out

burbank said...

19 pounds of NO for the evangecube

dropkick a southern baptist suga!