Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Can You Feel It?

My beloved Tigers are gearing up for another fantastic football season! I can hardly type I'm so excited. I checked in today at College Football News to get the skinny on what they thought and found myself nodding ferociously at commentator Pete Fiutak's article. I agree whole-heartedly with his comments about Auburn's inability to show up when they're supposed to. That's why I kind of want to see them ranked a little lower by the media. However, as we all know, those bogus pre-season polls are necessary to win a national title in this dumb BCS system we have. Here's how Fiutak motivates the big-headed Tigers when greatness is being proclaimed by the media.

So here you go, Auburn. To get you in the proper frame of mind: You're not good enough to win the national title and you're not even going to win the SEC title. You had no business playing for the national title in 2004 or 1983, and you shouldn't have even been part of the discussion in 1993. Chuck Long deserved the Heisman, the real Tigers in the West are in LSU, and you'll always be second banana to that team in Crimson.

There, hope that gave you what you needed. Now go play for the national championship.

It's a decent article and if you want to check it out look here. I am looking forward to this season after that shameful showdown with the Badgers in the Capital One Bowl. Our boys in blue need to prove to the world and to many faithful Tiger fans that they can live up to the hype. I believe in this team and will always enjoy watching them play, but it would sure be nice to put a national title in the bragging rights.

All that being said, I know that the Tigers will thrill this year. But for Pete's sake, heed the advice given by our friend at CFN.


lutherwasright said...

part of the reason why you guys will never rise to national prominence in anything is because you are not real sure what bowl game you played in and even if you did you would not be able to spell it.you boys were not soundly defeated in the Capitol One bowl but you did get it handed to you in the Capital One bowl. but then again I am sure that this will come across as moaning and groaning from just another pitiful Alabama fan.

Anonymous said...

Nice to see you are still dreaming...Auburn will have many troubles this year. A string of several decent seasons in a row will prove too much for them. What is their schedule strength this year?

zac emerson said...

WAR EAGLE! Man it sure is funny to read comments all these "pitiful alabama fans". Its great to watch them reach and claw for something to hold on to in a football discussion, or something negative to say about the team that has dominated this state in football for the past few years. Its amazing how bitter one can be when the shift of football power in this state cannot be denied. I'm still trying to figure out why we take part of the sentence with spelling error and point it out but chose not capitalize the first letter of the sentence. Its good to be at the top.

Antique Religion said...

In all seriousness.

Luther, I love you man but sometimes your junk really annoys. I'll fix my little error. Thanks for pointing it out. I didn't realize I was paying you to proof my posts, but if that's what you want to do have at it.

As for anonymous, whoever you are, please view the schedule below. Auburn, while not enjoying the strength of schedule needed in past years to garner serious support from the BCS (despite the fact that ANYONE in the SEC has some uphill battles), this years strength of schedule is pretty good.
9/2 Washington St
9/9 at Miss State
9/16 LSU
9/23 Buffalo
9/30 at South Carolina
10/7 Arkansas
10/14 Florida
10/21 Tulane
10/28 at Ole Miss
11/4 Arkansas State
11/11 Georgia
11/18 at Alabama
Now if that's not a good schedule, then there's not one in college football.

RealEstateGirl said...

Go Dawgs! Sic' em!!! Woof, woof, woof!!!

Diet Coke Mania said...

No, I can't feel it.

Go Dawgs!

Antique Religion said...

***another disclaimer***

"Can You Feel It?" was a reference to the coming football season, not the coming Tiger championship.

Anonymous said...

Gotta love all the Dawg fans who read your blog! Go Dawgs!!!

Seriously, the favorite in the SEC rarely wins it, so you are not in an enviable position.

Can't wait until the fall...


Antique Religion said...

you know mrs. anonymous, I have said pleasant things about you in other posts, but now you sign your comments "bamadawg"? What is that? Is that what happens when Uga and Big Al go on one to many dates?

Anonymous said...

No. She's not going on any dates with Big Al but she may let him eat leftover Auby.