Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Another Five Pointer

Since my readership is largley a book crew, I have a question. What are the five most important books on your shelf other than the bible?


[insert witty title so errebody knows its me] said...

1. Desiring God
2. Bondage of the will
3. one of my Edwards joints...
4. E.E. Cummings: Selected Poems
5. White Fluffy Clouds

I have a bunch of other books but i have yet to read them. I'm reading one right now by Stein on hermenuetics but i've yet to Finnish (yes like the people group) it

bmo said...

Dang, this probably changes every week. But..

"Total Truth" - Nancy Pearcey
"Systematic Theology" - Grudem
"Shadow of the Almighty"
"The Message of the Cross"
-Derek Tidball
"Acts" - Commentary by Polhill
Praying in the Spirit - Bunyan

im sure its the same way with all you guys, these are the books that have largely helped me in the past, say, semester. But for my life there are others plus these.

The Gospel According to Jesus
Desiring God
The Pursuit of Holiness
Let the Nations be Glad
Knowing God
The Journals of Jim Elliot
Virkler and Stein's Hermeneutics books
Preaching and Teaching from the Old Testament - Kaiser
How to Read Slowly - Sire

These have all had huge influence/impact on my life.

Next time...lengthen your list requirement, Im terrible at these things.

Diet Coke Mania said...

1. Prayer of Jabez
2. Left Behind
3. Purpose Driven Church
4. The Other Side of Calvinism
5. Predestined for Hell? Absolutely Not!

Antique Religion said...

gee thanks Jonathan. I'll rush out and buy those since I only have two in that list.

I'm not worthy! said...

On my shelf? I dont have a large shelf but.....

1. Systematic Theolgy - Grudem
2. The greek reference in the KEy Word (if thats considered a book, if not then my Strong's concordance)
3. Desiring God by The Piper
4. Whatever happened to Gospel of Grace (Boice)
5. Whatever happened to the Doctrinces of Grace? (Boice)

But like I said, not a big shel yet so that makes up about half my books...... minus my Calvin Commentaries that shall arive tommorrow.

Diet Coke Mania said...

I guess you are asking for theological or Christian books. For example, my wife's cookbooks are invaluable as are my dictionary, thesaurus, and Georgia football media guides. Anyway, here they are.

1. Let the Nations Be Glad - John Piper
2. A Basic Guide to Interpreting the Bible - Robert Stein (this is actually on your shelf)
3. Perspectives on a World Christian Movement - Various Authors
4. The Bondage of the Will - Martin Luther
5. Tell it Often, Tell it Well - McClosky

Anonymous said...

Limiting my response to non-fiction...

I don't know if the following five are the most important theologically speaking, but God has used them in my life the most...

Hudson Taylor's Spiritual Secret by Lewis

Perspectives on the World Christian Movement...various authors

Mere Christianity by C.S Lewis

Through Gates of Splendor by Elliott

anything written by Piper

Others I have enjoyed/used a lot...

The Excellent Wife by Martha Peace

Guests of the Sheik by Elizabeth Fernea

Brittany's Family Recipes cookbook

Kent Hughes & Kurt Richardson's commentaries on the book of James

Antique Religion said...

It's good to have some female participation on the Station. I guess I didn't realize what a male world I live in. Thanks for the input.

Some of you who frequent the Station will recognize "anonymous" as a totally different person. Please do not mistake him for Brittany Oue. She is far more civilized.

And even though Mr. Anonymous has more books than the rest of us put together, he will probably not take the time to give us a helpful list.

Yeah - that's a challenge.