Saturday, November 19, 2005


Marie and I just watched the Iron Bowl from the check-in office of the Cheaha State Park Motel. OH MY WORD!!! War Eagle everyone. I am completely blown away. This is one satisfied Auburn fan.

Marie and I watched the sun rise this morning. I was careful to point out to Marie that there was no Red and White in the sky. There was however, a considerable amount orange and blue. I'm not saying anything, but...

A word to the losers: Keep your head up boys!

Seriously, I hate hearing Bama fans complain about a season that never should have been 9-0. No one but no one saw that coming. What a thrill to watch your team go so strong against a strong schedule. Auburn started it's season with nationally televized home field loss against a mediocre GT team. The Tide exceeded expectations and fought hard to win 9 straight after a miserable year just last year. Shula is a good coach and it will be a shame to hear all the Bama faithful calling for his head after what they will call a dissapointing season. You guys fought and played well behind a ridiculously bad offensive line and stood toe to toe with the likely SEC champion. Heads up boys.

All that being said, I can't tell you how unbelievably proud I am of Auburn. We could hang our heads and say, "Oh, we should have beaten GT. Oh, we should have beaten LSU. Waa, Waa, ect. ect." Point is, we came in this season with huge unkowns. Who was our quaterback? Who was our running back? Is our defense up to the task. Well fans, questions answered. Brandon Cox is going to be a great quarterback for Auburn and did a phenominal job on an impressive sophmore season. I love his poise and confidence in his receivers. He doesn't put up the numbers of more talked about QB's but who cares. He is the clear leader of this very impressive offense. Viva la AUBURN!!!!

As I said earlier, Marie and I are at Cheaha State Park celebrating our anniversary. We got up at 5:00 to see the sun rise, breakfast at 7:30, then hiked to see a breath-taking view of the Talladega National Forest on an impressive rock outcropping. We were able to take a long nap in our little cabin. I wish I had pictures of this thing - BEAUTIFUL! Then we went to lunch and prepared for the big game. Now it is back to the room for some good reading and early to bed. No phone, no t.v., no noise. It has been a good stay and I recommend it to anyone. Tomorrow it is off to B'ham for a two night stay at the Winfrey Hotel in the Galleria. Marie and I both wish it was a little more of this, but back to the hustle and bustle I guess.

Once again, WAR EAGLE!!!


Anonymous said...

Impeach Bush!

Diet Coke Mania said...

You shouldn't be down on yourselves for losing to Georgia Tech. They are the only team other than USC than has beaten 2 teams in the BCS top 10.