Saturday, October 15, 2005

Rebels with a Cause

A tired and overused cliche? Absolutely. But the Ole Miss Rebels sure gave me a thrill on a sleepy Saturday afternoon. College football has to be one of the great joys in life. There is nothing like a crisp, sunny fall afternoon to accentuate just what I love about life on earth.

Well, I am nearly breathless after Alabama barely escapes its first defeat of the year at the hands of a far inferior Ole Miss football team. From the beginning of this game it was clear that Mississippi had come to play football. The off week, Prothro's glaring absence, coming off of an emotional win - all factors in todays less-than-stellar Alabama performance? Probably, but who cares (except Bama fans) when the product is a nail-biter like this one. I turned to Marie during the game and said, "This is college football at its finest." No, I don't mean the quality of play - but the atmosphere and excitment of an underdog besting a top ten national contender. Ole Miss had every opportunity to win this game - missed field goals, blown chances at shifting momentum, and penalties all contributed to their loss. In a lot of ways you could say that they beat themselves. But given the level of play they have seen previously this season, I think everyone involved should be quite proud. When the outcome became clear, I turned again to Marie and expressed my disappointment. But I did take joy in the fact that a million Alabama fans were at home, biting their pillows, and waiting with breathless anticipation for that last field goal. Thanks Ole Miss.


Auntie Susan said...

We can hardly wait til June. God has done great things!!!again!!!

slackinzac said...

All that can be said after such an outstanding post is...........WAR EAGLE!