Thursday, October 13, 2005

Oh Baby!

Marie and I met our OB the other day. His name is Dr. Phillips and is an extremely nice man. I have the feeling I will really enjoy getting to know him. He has four children of his own and was very easy to talk to.

Marie woke up last Saturday morning worried that something might be wrong with the pregnancy (we miscarried last October) so the appointment with the Dr. was something that Marie was anxiously anticipating. Everything checked out fine and we even got to hear the heartbeat. Connor was with us and was just amazed that his little baby already had a heart that was beating. It was amazing being there as a family. The ultrasound estimated that we were 6 weeks and 2 days pregnant, which means a due date of the first of June. Wow.

I can't remember who I was talking to, but I was telling someone that parenthood requires you to be a theologian. Forget being called to ministry, or shepherding a local church, or teaching at a seminary; being a dad requires you to know the bible. I am amazed every day at the level of understanding Connor has when it comes to the issues of life. There is no more humbling experience than explaining to your four year old son why a particular attitude is wrong and how that has everything to do with who Jesus Christ is. Marie and I have been reading a lot of puritan family literature lately thanks to Solid Ground Christian Books. I am impessed with the concern of the puritans for the spiritual state of their children and the lengths to which they would go to ensure that their children were brought up with a solid understanding of a biblical worldview. The most constant and rewarding task that I have ever faced as a bible teacher, is teaching my son the precepts and principles of scripture. My prayer and longing for him to see Jesus Christ in spirit and truth is a burden I cannot explain with words. I have an earnest expectation of joy over teaching another little one to love the Mighty One.


your long lost friend said...

yes...thats right baby...that was me you were talking to.
Remember that smoky night in prog, thats right shuga....thats when you told me that fine piece of news.

Allen said...

that's disturbing (see above)

I'm excited for y'all. Keep us posted.

Antique Religion said...

Where's prog? Is that in LegoLand?

Allen said...

close, Saraland, shuga.