Wednesday, June 08, 2005

"This is Thyroid, signing off."

Well here's an update for all you Bishop Blog watchers. Marie's thyroid is scheduled to be completely removed July 6. The doctor is running a couple of tests in order to totally rule out any other factor that may be causing the increased thyroid function. He said that there is the outside chance that it could be a nodule in the thyroid that is causing increased activity but that he believes it is Grave's Disease. I hope that this will be effective in helping Marie get back to her old self. When you have something like this, it effects every area of your life. We would love to have another baby, but we have not been able to get pregnant because of the thyroid; and really it would not be a good idea anyway. It is also very hard on your emotions and such because of hormones. Thyroid controls so much in your body. I had no idea. Marie's heart rate remains extremely high. At one point it was around 120 beats per minute every morning when she woke up! Anyway, we've been dealing with this since 2001 and we're both a little tired of it. Marie seems to be comfortable, although a little nervous, with this whole thing. She continues to trust that God will work his plan. We are doing everything to get all the information we need, but God will direct our steps.

There is one thing I would like to ask as a matter of prayer. Well, two. The first is that we would excercise wisdom and discernment in making these choices. I want this to be the wisest course of action since it will be life-altering for Marie (she will have to take a thyroid pill every day). The second is for Marie's voice. She is a singer and a very good one at that. The doctor said there is a 10% risk that there could be damage done to her vocal cords. I am most concerned about this aspect of it simply because I cannot imagine Marie going through life not singing the way she can. I think that would be very hard. Yet, she says to me every time I start into this that if God wants her to sing, then she'll sing. Soli Deo Gloria Marie. Get you some!

Here is a picture of the thyroid to give you an idea.

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