Friday, February 23, 2007

Prayer Requests

I would like to ask for prayer in a couple of things. First, pray that Marie and I would find a home that we will delight in and that would fit our budget. We have gone back and forth between a couple and have just not felt good about either one for different reasons. We got so close as to call our Realtor yesterday and say we wanted to make an offer. We backed off late last night and canceled our meeting this morning. We are content where we are but most of our stuff is in storage. So the situation is that we don't have to be in a big hurry but we would like our own place.

Secondly, pray that God would be pleased in using us at Buck Run and the city of Frankfort. Marie and I desire to have a fruitful ministry here and long for God to continually open our minds to more of Him and for us to walk ever closer to Him in holiness. Pray for us that God will use us to change lives in this town and area.

Also, for all the non-family readers of the (play)station, I have a new nephew! He is three weeks old. He was born to my Sister and Brother-in-Law, Ashlea and Matt. His name is William Josiah Stanley after my late grandfather, Papa. He resides in Dothan, AL where he is in training to become a professional competitor in the Cut the Baby national circuit. (Cut the Baby is a new competitive sport that I invented. See previous post) I will now show you a picture of him.

I've never seen him in person. Somehow I think that Matt and Ashlea feel good that I'm not around him right now after seeing what I'm capable of doing to my own children. I'm so glad that the Lord has blessed our family with another little life. Also, Matt and Ashlea would like for you to pronounce his name WEE-yum. they would like that about as much as we would like you calling ours charlie


Anonymous said...

Thanks for asking for prayer for William! We liked seeing his cute little picture up there. We want to get you some more so that you can see how he's changed. Matt and I are also into your game - cut the baby. But, thankfully, right now it's a scoreless tie. And remember - William is named after Matt (Matthew William) and Papa. Just thought I'd clarify. I'm glad to know now that I can comment. All this new technology confuses me, so it takes me a little longer to catch on. :)

The Bishop said...

Sorry. Props to Pops. I definitely want to give Matt his due. I mean, it is his genetic material we're talking about here.

rbs said...

Be patient on finding a new home. It will happen when it happens. God in His Sovereign Grace will work a way. In the meantime enjoy your service in the Lord and let not your joy be hindered in your search.

Nlaw said...

Ashlea doesn't know how to use the internet. Ashlea = anonymous. This was at her request.


Julie said...

Great to see you are keeping it up! We were so glad to hear that Charles was ok after his hospital trip. We were praying all day Sunday for ya'll. Hope he is doing better. Don't have your guys numbers so this was the only way I knew to get you! By the way - we've moved in!!!! I will be sending pic.