Sunday, January 21, 2007

Christmas and Beyond

Connor always wanted to be a Super Hero. Charles just wants to be Connor.

A very Bishop Christmas. The entire family together on Christmas Eve.

Let it be known among those of the free world! Charles hates Christmas.

Well War Eagle! to you too, honey.

It's probably illegal to have this much fun somewhere in the world. Connor giving me my Christmas present. He built and painted a wooden War Eagle boat.

Yeah! Git 'er done, bubble butt.

Is it wrong to intentionally humiliate your children when they don't know any better?
Connor wearing his birthday present.

Woot! Dad, this Little John album is off the chain fo' shizzle!


Steph J said...

I like the tags on Conner's pants in the last picture. Isnt it the style now ?

Steph J
war eagle !!

d said...

Nice pictures and congratulations on the move. I wasn't aware you had a blog but I'm sure glad that I've stumbled across it.

Anonymous said...

hey adam i just tagged you to give you something else to do on your cokes and jokes blog. hit my site

Jenna Peyton said...

I miss you people already.

Kimberly said...

I'm with Jenna I miss ya'll already! I would say these pictures bring a little tear to my eye, but I am pretty sure you would have something really "smart" to say and that would only make me miss you more!