Tuesday, June 13, 2006

I Feel So Old Testament

On Sunday, June 11 at 6:07 pm Connor, Marie and I welcomed Charles Luke Bishop into the world. Marie's water broke at 11:15 pm on Saturday and we arrived at Baptist Medical Center East at 3:00 am. After about an hour and a half they prepared her to start a Pitocin(sp?) drip. She progressed slowly but steadily throughout the day and was ready to push at 5:00 pm. Charles had drifted back up to a -3 station (which I'm told is high) so Marie had her work cut out for her in pushing. After an hour of work and a couple of pulls on the vacuum, Charles burst onto the scene. He didn't sing a song or dance or anything, but I could tell he was pretty excited.

Marie's family were there as well as almost every relative we have on my side. They were all hunkered outside the door listening to the last few series of pushes eagerly anticipating that first cry.

Charles was born healthy and strong at 8lbs 10oz. and 21'' and Marie did much better during this delivery than she did the first time around. Her recovery has been extremely good and she is feeling like a million bucks.

It should be noted that David and Katie Sullivan made a last ditch attempt to overtake us in the baby department. Katie's water broke on Sunday and they headed off to the hospital as well. And although David and Katie made a valiant effort, they came up short of taking the gold and had to settle for the silver, Rachael being born around 1:00am. Reminds me of Alabama football how they always come second to Auburn. Cool huh.

We will be at home this evening if everything progresses as it has been. We will be accepting monetary gifts no smaller than $100 to go toward the Connor and Charles Theological Education Fund. This fund provides educational material (books) for their father who will use them to put into a reserve (library) for their edification (family worship). You can send a check to our home address or simply bring it by in person as we would love to thank you for your contribution.

Thanks for everyones prayers. We are blessed indeed to have all of you as friends.


lutherwasright said...


Congrats bro. He looks a lot like Marie (which is a good thing). Yes we came in second but I was proud of effort. I think we may need to take a look at our gameplan for next time and make a few changes, but overall I am pleased with the direction of our team. I was especially pleased with the effort our coaching staff (me)as well as our quarterback (Katie). Anyway, check the all-time series record to get a better handle on who usually beats who.

Let's Talk about Sects said...

dude...the amazingness of new life...

anyways so yeah i am definitely coming by to see the babe in swaddling clothes tomorrow if it's cool

Diet Coke Mania said...


I am definitely glad that you posted some pictures since you've been AWOL. I am not so sure about that thing that is on the child's head but he is a great looking child. Hopefully I'll be able to see him soon, sans the headgear.

I'm having a book sent to you in lieu of sending a check. It is a must-read. It's called "Grace of God, the Will of Man: A Case for Arminianism" by Pinnock. Enjoy. Seriously, you can consider "The Contagious Chrisian" my contribution to Charles' (your) library.

Was Marie washing dishes before she would let you take her to the hospital?

I'm not worthy! said...

So I am glad that I have everything clear now..... cuz for some reason I thought that when the water broke it meant to go to the hospital..... but now I am glad to know that it means wait 3 or 4 hours... then hospital. Thanks Adam and Marie!

On another thought... I think interns should get a chunk of that libraray.

Congrats on Charles Xavie..... uhhhh..... Luke.

Gavin Brown said...

congratulations man!

Allen said...


I've been out of the blog world for a little while but just saw your post. It is an answered prayer to hear that the little one is here and everyone is healthy. What a blessing.

Anonymous said...

congrats, fam. I am sorry I was out of town when Jonathan actually went to visit you.
Keep bloggin

Jonathan Moorhead said...

What a cute little man! Congrats. I do expect to see an Auburn shirt on him next time.