Monday, April 03, 2006

Lacking Mind or Heart

In dealing with the Ritschlian heresy of the late 1800's, Warfield made the following comment concerning evangelical circles. This comment is another testimony to Ecclesiastes 1:9, and to the enduring nature of mankind's sinfulness. Where the word of God is weakly held, there the conviction required to protect the church fails and discernment wains. Read the quote:

There seems to have been at first a strong tendency in evangelical circles to look upon the new teaching with some favor. Such a tendency was, indeed, little creditable to either head or heart; and can be esteemed merely a fresh example of that shallow charity which "thinketh no evil," only because it lacks the mind to perceive or the heart to care for the evil that is flaunted in its face.
-B.B. Warfield in reaction to the church's acceptance of the Ritschlian school. (Selected Shorter Writings Vol. 2, p. 449)

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