Wednesday, October 05, 2005


Alabama fans are just drooling over the Florida win (and even I have to admit they looked really good). There was only one little damper on the day. Tyrone Prothro's (4) broken leg in the endzone with what would surely have been another Bama TD. You know if this guy could have caught this ball, I would put him on the field in a wheel chair and asked for better pass protection.

Athletes like this are really fun to watch even if they do play for the Tide. He will be sorely missed on the field and I'm sure Tide fans are sorry that this has happened.

From what I hear, though, the break was not as bad as it looks and people are saying Prothro will return next year. For his sake, I hope they are right.

I'm always for the gruesome close-up so I provided it for all of you gruesome close-up connoisseurs.
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Anonymous said...

That is too gross. It was bad enough to see on TV but to see the freeze-frame of it makes my own ankle tingle. As far as Alabama goes, they'll return to their Shula form soon. Until then prepare to have your ears filled with BAMA smack.

Sugar Substitute

David Sullivan said...

adam, adam, adam, what a sick man you are. makes me feel all queasy inside. and another thing,this is shula form. once alabama got rid of all the crap from years past it appears that shula may have a clue about what is going on. obviously anonymous guy has a problem with his "big brother." roll tide. keep the sick pics comin.

Diet Coke Mania said...

Why were they going for it on 4th down anyway? What a terrible way for a great football player to go down...on a wasted 4th down play when the game was already won.

David Sullivan said...

if they had scored on that play nobody would be saying anything. it was just a freak thing that happened and no one is to blame in all this.

Antique Religion said...

I would be careful if I were you. I'm friends with mr. splenda, and he's not an Auburn fan. He's not even a Tennessee fan. He's just a regulary guy that likes college football that realizes that Alabanana is trying to hurt all of their players. Plus, he could kick your tail if you two ever met. He grew up in Japan and knows all sorts of ways to disable you.

David Sullivan said...

just trying to state the obvious brotha... and dont worry i know a few karate kid moves myself. you ever seen a 230 pounder do a crane kick? nasty.