Tuesday, September 20, 2005

There's Just Something About That Name

Au-burn, Au-burn, Auuuuuuu-burn,
There's just something about that name.
Au-burn, Au-burn, Auuuuuuu-burn,
Like the fragrance after the rain.
May I just say that all my yelling at the t.v. and at the game the last two weeks has evidently paid off. While I did not watch nor listen to the Auburn massacre of Ball State, that bastion of college football from up north, I am excited to hear that the movers and shakers on the plains have been doing a little moving and shaking. You see, I hear that my favorite midget, Tre Smith (22), is doing less ball carrying these days. "Hey Tre! One great game against Bama doesn't make you a Cadillac, or any other midsize sedan for that matter." I am glad to see our offensive coordinator making some great moves by placing some of these other, more talented, men in the backfield.
We did attend the Mississippi State game and were just thrilled to ride around Auburn with our flags flapping and our stereo blaring the Auburn fight song (yeah, I bought the CD). It was great to be in that sea of orange watching the fighter jets fly over, seeing Spirit fly around the stadium and hear that incredible opening cadence from the Auburn band. There is just nothing like college game day. I had a game dog right as I entered the stadium. I knew it was going to be a good day. My parents came to the game and sat right in front of us. I enjoyed hitting my Dad in the back of the head with the shaker and hearing him go, "Son!". My brother and sister were also at the game, sitting down in the lower level right in the north end zone. They met us after the game at an Italian restaurant and we all enjoyed a calzone. What a day!
That being said, the game itself was kind of boring. Both teams looked really uninspired. The action was often slow and since there was no heightened sense of competition due to state's lack of offense, it became harder and harder to stay involved with the game. It was nice to see our first rushing TD for the season come from a redshirt freshman. O Lester (28), how we hope you will become one of the great ones.
I raise a glass to Auburn football. You are my one true love in sports.


Diet Coke Mania said...
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Diet Coke Mania said...

War Beagle, Crawl down the field,
Never to conquer, Always to yield,
War Beagle...

Antique Religion said...

You know, at least Splenda-Man has a working knowledge of Auburns fight song. I have never met an Alabama fan yet that even knows the words to their own fight song. Of course, Mr. Splenda is a Dawg fan; a much higher pedigree to be sure.

Diet Coke Mania said...

Low-octane Splenda-Man can't handle my Nutra Sweet. Speaking of Alabama, they don't even have a mascot do they? I've never seen a Tide roll. I've seen waves roll and I've seen Tide made soap suds but never roll. I guess that's why they keep telling the Tide to roll. I hate to tell them that they'll be waiting a LONG time for that to happen.