Friday, September 02, 2005

The Big Sleazy

I am already tired of the media frenzy that is the N.O. aftermath. Leave it to the media to make the hurricane and its effects the fault of all things republican. People are complaining that aid has not arrived faster. They are saying that we can help in Iraq and in countries devastated by the tsunamies, but that we won't help our own people. Some twitty Entertainment Tonight anchor was visibly angry as she signed off the show, citing her frustration at the current administration for not doing more to help those at home. They will blame the war in Iraq, they will blame upper class apathy, they will blame poor administration and engineering, and they will blame you and me, but they will not help themselves.

Rescue workers are trying to get into a ravaged city to help people evacuate from homes and public areas such as the Super-Dome, hospitals, and hotels. What do they receive as welcome? Bullets. That's right, the sub-human riff-raff which are the gangs of New Orleans are firing live ammunition in the direction of aid-workers heads. One hundred and fifty boats were lined up the other day ready to head into the city to help evacuate stranded people. The first boat out gets shot at. A helicopter dropping supplies and lifting out people gets shot at. A rescue unit on top of a hospital evacuating critical care patients into a helicopter has sniper fire opened up on them. People in the Convention Center are dying and these gangs are raping, beating, robbing and terrorizing. This is one of the main reasons why aid is being delayed. People simply don't want to risk life and limb in order to save some simpleton with an uzi.

If it were my family in that mess, I would have started walking a long time ago. I would at the very least be trying to evacuate myself. God gave us two legs on which to walk and that is what I would use them for. I understand that some of these people can't walk out due to the strain of poor health, or age, or some other malady. However, most of these people could walk and should walk out of New Orleans. I have a feeling after watching hours of coverage in growing frustration, that their are only three kinds of people left in New Orleans: those with genuine physical restrictions such as age, ambulatory problems, or some other affliction, those that want to cause anarchy and terror, and those that are simply waiting for a hand-out.

I wish I were not so pessimistic about these poor people. I genuinely feel deep pain for those that are stuck there. It just seems like so many of them would rather sit and complain than get off their rear ends and do something about their own situation. Of course, this is what the government has trained them to do - sit and wait for someone to give them something.

I know that this is not a very diplomatic post (but no one reads my blog anyway), but I needed to get this off my chest. Send in the Marines, kill anyone with a gun after one warning. Take these people out of there and get them medicine, food, and water. Let the Mayor of New Orleans continue to curse God for what has happened, and let this be a sober reminder that people are completely, totally, and utterly depraved and sin-sick. This is just another testimony of the Godlessness that is New Orleans.


Scott Slayton said...

Adam... Glad to see that you are back. I thought that you might stop posting.

david said...

holy cow!! son!! I TELL YOU WHAT!! what in the heck just happened here on this website? adam is back in the building. well good buddy, i tend to agree with you. maybe this is why that large southern baptist church is never gonna call me. i guess all this hits a little closer to home with my brother in law dangling out of a helicopter saving people down there. may the sin of man be dealt with swiftly.

Pat'sRick© said...

Thanks for dropping by my site. I found yours quite good as well. We "preferred community" people must think alike.

slackinzac said...

WOW. Very nice. I completley agree.(which unfortunatley means you're probably wrong). At the very least you stated what most people around here want to say.