Saturday, September 24, 2005

The "Adoption Questions" Begin

Adoption is not a selfless act of suffering. I know that people don't mean to sound this way, but what I'm getting is that folks generally think of adoption as taking on someone else's child. There is always a degree of burden in caring for someone else's child. I mean, let's face it, there is a reason we pay babysitters. But adoption is so much more than a lifetime committment to babysitting. I have heard people say that we are doing a great thing for a child, but at this point it is much more about the blessing we will receive in the awesome privilege of parenting. This child will be the realization of the desire of our hearts just like a biological child would be.

My hunch is that people just don't have a frame of reference for this sort of thing and when they have someone of which they feel close enough to ask honest questions, they spill them. I'm all for the honest questions, and I don't mind answering why we're adopting or questions about the adoption process. It is amusing to me, however, to find this sort of thing happening so quickly.


Anonymous said...

We know what you mean! When people tell us how blessed our children are to have been adopted by us, I tell them we are the ones who are blessed to have them. It is a mutual blessing...just as having a biological child would be.

Diet Coke Mania said...

"That is the ultimate mission trip."

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